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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils (EOs) are the essence of plants. Inside roots, seeds, flowers or bark there can be amazing natural healing compounds. These compounds are highly concentrated and powerful at just small amounts.

Good quality EOs are a healthy, healing alternative to synthetic chemicals that can negatively effect our skin and the way we feel. No matter where you choose to source or EOs make sure they are HIGH QUALITY and PURE.

Essential oils can be used on the skin, diffused into the air or even taken internally to reap the benefits.

These days, you can get all kinds of oils from grocery stores, pharmacies or even amazon but if their quality and purity cannot be guaranteed I would not recommend them.

I have tried different EO companies and personally prefer doTerra Essential Oils. The quality and efficacy of these oils just can’t be beat.

doTerra EOs are FREE of synthetic fillers and CPTG (Certified Pure Tested Grade) which is a rigorous third party test for quality and purity standards. These oils can be TRUSTED and used safely with CONFIDENCE.

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I use essential oils everyday for my family’s physical needs and emotional support. We would not be without them!

Want to purchase good quality Essential Oils for yourself?

I love doTerra oils for the price point, quality and variety.

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